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We are excited to announce a new set of updates to the Orderbook trading platform. You can now benefit from a whole host of new and exciting features. Let’s jump in!


Orderbook is always striving to deliver the best possible user experience for our customers. Orderbook now pre-fills the current token price in both the buy and sell forms.

All markets are now sorted by their trading volume within the ‘Market Selector’. We have also updated the token info screen to be more informative. Additionally, we have made minor structural improvements under the hood. These changes will help to supplement a smoother trading platform experience for all parties.


API traders may now also deposit their tokens and receive transaction statuses by hash via the Orderbook API. Check out our API documentation by visiting https://api-docs.orderbook.io/.

Token Sale Contributions

One of our goals is to make token sale participation as effortless as possible. However, this goes beyond simply sending and receiving tokens. Accessibility and user communication are also important. Orderbook’s banking credentials are now available as a downloadable PDF.

A new Recovery pop-up design

New language translation for Orderbook

The Orderbook widget now supports both Chinese and Japanese languages. Our other supported languages are English, Vietnamese, Russian and Ukrainian. More languages coming soon!

Performance increase

We have moved Orderbook to a new content delivery network. This will help us to improve high-load performance for all users.

Fixing Bugs

Lastly, we have fixed a number of minor bugs. We would like to thank all of the users who have helped us discover many of these issues. Your feedback helps us to constantly improve our trading platform. Bugs we have targeted include:

  • Fixing the video cache and background color issue on the landing page
  • Enhancing our recovery flow
  • Fixing several known issues with our Support button and Pop-up window
  • Fixing a redirection issue that sent non-English users to the dashboard instead of a project’s landing page.

Thanks again to all of our users for the ongoing to support. We treasure all of your feedback. Your thoughts and suggestions are critical to keeping Orderbook an exceptional trading platform for all. You may always share your questions and suggestions with our team by writing to [email protected].

We also welcome feedback on our Telegram channel. You can find us at https://t.me/orderbook_io.

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